Thursday, April 21, 2005

Homophobic Americans

This morning, while riding to school and listening to MPR, I heard the voice of Minnesota Senator Michelle Bachman bloviating on the gay marriage amendment. She claims that, if put to vote, nearly 3/4 of Minnesotans will vote to amend the state's constitution to ban gay marriage.

This on top of Anwar's elimination from American Idol last night. I know, I know, maybe you didn't expect that I'd watch the show. I usually don't, but BioMom and the FYO lured me into the dark side this season and I am captivated.

BioMom heard a nasty rumor that Anwar was gay and worried that that would cause his demise.

Alas. Her prediction came true.

I wonder if he had been more 'out' and campy, would Americans have tolerated his homosexuality in the same way that Americans seem to love Carson on Queer Eye? Were Americans offended by his discretion? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What the....??? Carson is GAY?? Since when??

Anonymous said...

You mean QUEER??

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