Saturday, November 27, 2004

The Babysitter

BioMom and I are actually going out on the town tonight!

We've hired a newly sitterified kid to do the kid-watching for a us for a few hours.

This kid is really interesting (for lots of reasons other than what I'm about to say). His parents are heterosexual (that is to say that he has a mom and a dad), however, while his background is different from our Four-Year-Old's, his experience is similar. His parents are extremely liberal and have exposed him to all sorts of families from early on. For example, his parents hosted a dear friend in their home during his struggle with AIDS.

At one point in his early years in defending his desire to eat at McDonalds despite the fact that his mother is vegitarian, he claimed that he was a "bi-vegitarian."

Is that as opposed to a bi-carnivor?

Upon entering the public school school system, he was actually surprised to find out that there were more families like his: with a mom and a dad!

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