Monday, September 27, 2010

Out from Under the Carpet to Protest

So its been a while since I've had the time or energy to post here.

My apologies, dear readers. Our late-August/September takes a bit of getting used to. There's no long click-click-clicking of the rollercoaster heading to the top of the hill before its first plunge.

No, we just get the plunge.

Goodbye summer!

It was especially true this year because we all skipped that first, short week of classes and meetings just before Labor Day in favor of a last-summer's week together as a family at Camp Du Nord.

I could not pass up, however, the opportunity to comment on the Minnesota Archdocese's attempt to get into the politics of Minnesota by sending out an anti-gay marriage dvd (donated by someone named Anonymous) to 800,000 Catholics across the state.

Again, I find myself astonished that I have even allowed myself to be in a situation where people-anonymous people at that-can comment on or even consider judging my life and my choices.

Why are we going to this school and why am I in a situation where, again, we are in a position to "educate" people?