Monday, October 27, 2008

Anatomy of a Costume in an Economic Downturn

So given the 25-to-30 percent fall in the value of my 403b, we're focusing on retrenchment at the moment.

Translation: No "CONSUME FOR YOUR COUNTRY," patriotism in the form of a consumeristic economic plan here at the BioMom/Blogauthor household.

I even passed on my dream of having professional lights installed on our big pine tree outside.

So we've decided to help pass this value on to the kids in the form of "old-school" Halloween costumes.

What follows:
Diaper box: $0.00 (except for the emotional cost that I endured when Eight exclaimed that she was "saving that box for something" despite the fact that she did not know it existed 10 minutes prior to that moment).
Paints: $4.00 (with lots leftover for more easy-to-clean-up fun!)
Twine: $0.00 (found in the garage)
My time (opportunity cost): grading papers = -$500.00 (you did me a favor, Big, and saved my brain from going to mush!)
Being able to pretend you're a car, drive around and crash into things? Priceless.


Brigindo said...

I love the homemade costumes so much more than the store-bought and that car is truly amazing. He looks very proud.

giddings said...

Me too! I tried to talk Eight into a home-made costume, but it didn't fly...

Anonymous said...

I love it! I am so impressed. Those were the kind of costumes that I had a kid but I have not gotten it together to do that for N and J. Instead, we have matching Sleeping Beauty outfits!

giddings said...

Matching outfits sounds awesome... Although a blond sleeping beauty? How about Cinderella? Wouldn't she fly?

hw said...

That is the best costume, EVER! My fondest costumes from childhood are the ones my Mom made for me. Specifically, I was a Cabbage Patch doll one year.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you must be getting a reprieve from the all-princess, all-the-time channel...Sleeping Beauty is a blond! Let me know if you need to borrow some books to bone up.

giddings said...

I thought Sleeping Beauty was the dark haired one...?