Monday, May 03, 2010

Camp Du Nord (Again)

This summer we are heading up to Camp Du Nord again.

We got #$%@ed on the lottery and so got the last week of the summer.

Which, now that I think of it, isn't so bad because I miss our college meeting which is usually a snore-fest.

Anyway, Cousin just pointed me to a review of the camp in the local rag.

The author is dead on.


Margaret said...

I'm thinking of going for MEA in October.

Are there any cabins you have especially liked? Is the meal plan a good idea or is it better to cook.


giddings said...

Hi Margaret!
We've stayed in two cabins so far (one last summer:The West Wind and one during MEA: Northstar.

Most of the cabins are older and more rustic. I loved the West Wind -- it was older. The bathroom was outside. If you were going with another family, this cabin would be perfect because it links to the East Wind. We were alone and there was no other family in that cabin. The West Wind has its own little beach and private fire pit.

The Northstar is brand new and has bathrooms etc. BioMom loved this feature.

It all depends on what you like (level of rusticity) and what you need (size).

The food plans are great because you build so much community. I would definitely recommend dinner. Not only is the food very good (especially the desserts) but the people are great. Our first time we did all three meals and felt like it was just too much food and too much time centered around the meals (we wanted to do other stuff like canoe or hike). So this summer we are doing just breakfast and dinner. A friend of mine told me that that was sort of stupid though since adding lunch adds only a marginal cost. Alas.

Margaret said...

I have been thinking of MEA. Is it freezing in the cabins? I just talked to them about Sans Souci. It sleeps two and I would put my toddler in a playpen. Have you seen it? I think it has a fireplace and the bathrooms look pretty close on the map.

It does seem like a lot on the schedule with meals. I don't think I would do breakfast because I don't want to get up for it. I will probably just bring my espresso maker with me;-)

giddings said...

Sans souci is darling. I would love to stay there. You know, I think we expected it to be freezing over MEA and we did have stocking caps and maybe even gloves but I don't remember it being freezing. That was the time we stayed in the new cabin and it had a gas fireplace so I think it was perhaps too hot. You may have to make and stoke your own fire in sans souci.

Margaret said...


We just signed up. Very excited.