Tuesday, June 07, 2005

As Free As The Wind Blows

Yesterday I picked up the hot and sweaty FYO on the tagalong and we rode home in the nice hot sun.

When we got home I had a few gardening tasks for her as we waited for a little leftover pie dough with cinnamon and sugar to cook in the oven. [I'm not really that domestic!].

She was watering some plants and we were fertilizing some trees when I thought, Why not take off her shoes and enjoy the cool water a bit?

She disappeared in the front of the house to do so as I watered the roses.

I started to wonder how long it takes to remove shoes and socks when out she skips, naked as a bird on the front lawn!

I gasped. . . and asked her to put on her skirt back on.

Why? She asked.

She is just big and old enough for such a sight to be inappropriate. At least in the front yard. But explaining this to her, without making her feel ashamed about her body is the tough part. She was so free and happy. And so confused when I asked her to put her skirt (at least!) back on.

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