Thursday, September 29, 2005

Weekend Getaway

So, BioMom and I are outta here for the weekend. Our last free weekend for the forseeable future.


I had a little freak-out this week when using my Outlook planner while at a committee meeting. I now actually have things planned. . . That is, on my calendar, for the week that Itsy comes.


Here's a shout out to Cousin's Mom, Lez, for the 'little toy' I just received in the mail.

I love it!


jon said...

Surfing some of the gay lesbian blogs today I stumbled onto your blog. I liked it! Thanks for the posts...

Anonymous said...

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Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.


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