Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Say Something Nice About Al Roker!

So, BioMom and I saw Al Roker yesterday in Rockefeller Center.

Yes. We were the nerds that got up before 7 a.m. and drug our sorry arses over to Rockefeller Center to see if we could catch a glimpse of Katie Couric.

I rushed her out before we could see Katie though as we were late for breakfast with some friends in Tribeca and the President was yawning on and on about Supreme Court Nominations bullshit("I'm sure her mother and father would be proud of her today." WTF? Did he say that about Roberts?) we just ran out of time before Katie stepped out to the crowd. But even with having only seen Al, my Celebrity Sightings Quota increased by over 200% this weekend!

Before this weekend, by only celeb sighting was one Newt Gingrich in what was basically a strip mall in Fairfax Virginia. On the suggestion of a friend from BioMom's work, however, we happened upon a hoppin' brunch spot in the lower east side, Prune which, apparently attracts the up-and-coming!

There, we saw Maggie Gyllenhaal (and, only in retrospect did we realize she was with her boyfriend, Peter Sarsgaard), and Maya Rudolph who, to BioMom's delight was very pregnant! (BioMom was watching the tail-end of SNL the night before in our hotel and was certain that it wasn't a pillow!).

We were literally, all leaning against this van waiting for a seat. Together. Not five feet apart. Of course, I had no clue what a superstar Maggie is, and so I mumbled some inane compliment to her: I'm sure, you've heard this, but we thought you were brilliant in Happy Endings after which she promptly turned away.

Later that night on the way back to our hotel, a crowd had gathered outside of Chicago, and we waited to see Brooke Shields come out, looking exhausted after two shows that day.

My brother and I once had a huge fight over Al Roker.

Of course, it wasn't about Al Roker. I'm sure it had to do with childhood or some other perceived loss, but Al Roker was our easiest fishhook at the time. After arguing the night before, we woke up in our little Bed and Breakfast off of Dupont Circle in DC where we were staying and he flipped on the Today show. I mumbled something about hating Al Roker and he flew off the handle: SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT AL ROKER!! And wouldn't let it go.

Oh, the things we remember.

Oh, and don't worry, my infatuation with Wikipedia will wane.


Cousin said...

what WAS the 'something nice' you saadi about al roker?? i can't remember...that he has a lot of junk in his trunk? or that he looks good when he backs that thing up??

HS Friend said...

I love Al Roker. My friends and I used to refer to him as "chocolate Willard" back in college. (That was when he was just starting to take over for him.) Then after we graduated my friend got a job as a page for NBC and worked with the Today show. When I visited I went in to work with him one morning and rode up in the elevator with Katie. She was very nice and even wide awake at that ungodly hour. I saw Gene Shalit is the hall and was scared to death of the giant crazy looking man with the hair out to here. He looks like he is 6'5". And if you want to find some other nice things to say about Al you could read his book which talks about he and his wife's struggle with infertility.

Anonymous said...

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