Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Family Bed Continued. . .

So, last week, out of sheer exhaustion, BioMom gave in to a particular situation regarding the rules around the FYO's entrance into our bed during the night, thereby opening up a loophole heretofore unexpected.

The FYO wet the bed.

She wet the bed and came in to BioMom requesting asylum. BioMom, in a sleep-induced coma, didn't get up and change the sheets (I was out of town), thereby avoiding any potential future loopholes.

And so that night went. FYO snuggled up in our bed.

Last weekend, some friends were over for the night with their three-year-old girl. They started out in the same room, but, as those things go, that devolved quickly for the sake of having fairly rested kids the next day. So, the three year old slept with her moms, and our FYO, alone in her bedroom.

That night at approximately 4:30 a.m., I hear the familiar opening of the FYO's door and the careful creaking down the hall, followed by the soft, Mom?. . . Mama?

I, feeling like I was never, in fact, asleep at all, responded: What, [FYO]?

Someone peed in my bed.

My less-than-generous response: That's okay, you can go sleep in the upper-bunk.

She had, clearly, not expected this obvious answer.

But. . . But. . . [our friend's three-year-old] peed in BOTH beds!

This was, literally impossible, given that the three-year-old spent less than five minutes in the FYO's room that night, but I'll give her some kudos for creativity. I walked her back to her room to find that the beds were, in fact, dry. Tucked her in and high-tailed it back to my own, snuggly, bed.

Happy National Coming Out Day, Y'all!

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Anonymous said...

A lifesaver for those inopportune moments in the nighttime when faced with wet sheets. Since my kids were little I always put one fitted sheet on their mattress. On top of that put one waterproof mattress pad, followed by another fitted sheet. This was a sanity saver during potty training, and although it won't help with the FYO's attempts to gain entrance into your bed, at least all you'll have to do is whip off the first fitted sheet and put her back in. (if the sheet is actually wet)