Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gay Marriage: As I Suspected

I'm sitting here in a rocker, holding ZeYo as he enjoys his morning nap, reading the Sunday Papers online as I am too lazy to go grab the print version that is currently freezing out on our February stoop.

In today's Modern Love column "You're Not Sick, You're Just In Love" the column's editor,Daniel Jones, points out that in his observation as editor of the column for the past nearly two years, gay marriage is "yawningly" just like heterosexual marriage.


Critics of gay marriage predicted the unraveling of our moral fiber while some supporters went so far as to proclaim that gays might revitalize marriage in the same way they've gentrified run-down neighborhoods. But dispatches from the gay marriage front tell a far more ordinary story, that of devoted couples eager to affirm their life-long commitment, have children for whom they can provide a loving home, and claim legal rights and benefits.

Once hitched, they seem to engage in the same dull arguments about the inequities of sexual desire and domestic drudgery as hetero couples. So what's the difference? As far as I can tell, only this: Whereas today's straight mothers often face chronic criticism of their housekeeping and parental skills from their own mothers and mothers-in-law, gay fathers seem to get a pass on both, or at least are subjected to a different standard, and may be urged by their mothers to relax or even take a nap.

As I have always maintained, what's all the fuss?

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