Monday, February 13, 2006

Ghosts of Valentine's Past

I have a fairly romantic Twin-Cities Valentine's Day story to tell. At least we think it is romantic.

On our first date, I brought Biomom, on a lark, some chocolates from Maud Borup -- a St. Paul chocolatier.

When I brought them to her, she told me that her dad had always gotten her a small box of dark chocolate caramels from Maud Borup and that she loved them.

Of course, being the diligent partner-hopeful that I was at the time, I went directly to Maud Borup for our first Valentine's without passing "Go".

Upon reaching the store in St. Paul, I ventured in only to find BioMom's dad, whom I had not yet met, but recognized from pictures, getting his own Valentine a box of dark chocolate caramels.

I introduced myself, awkwardly, saying that I was purchasing his daughter some of the very same only because of the tradition he started!

I don't think he remembers this chance meeting, but I'll never forget it.

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