Thursday, April 27, 2006

Today Show Gender Antics

This morning on The Today Show, they had a segment where the husband traded places with his wife. It is such a ridiculous premise, but of course, I should not be surprised that Today would stoop to such lows. Not to mention, jumping the shark.

The story usually starts with some, poor husband/father/breadwinner who has somehow relegated his stay at home wife to the worthless and taken-advantage of category. She is furious that he doesn't get how hard it is to be her. He doesn't appreciate her, blah blah blah.

Said SAHM gets wisked off to the Caman islands where said neglectful wage-worker takes care of the screaming, diapered brood at home. ALONE.

Initially, all is good. He speaks happly into the confessional "real-world" camera that everything is going smoothly and he was right all along.

Things quickly go downhill. He has to (gasp) change diapers, and kids run wild as if in a stupid movie.

Fast forward to the end of the segment (who has time or an interest in watching the real world daddy day care?): Dad ends up respecting mom, they start having sex again, he goes back to the peace and quiet of his office, and everyone is happy (except for the mom who came back from vacation to diapers and kids gone wild).

Why not do a really innovative story that talks about how the partners share the drugery of diapers AND the pressure of bringing home the bacon?


Taggert said...

Because that would be like real life. And nobody likes to watch real life. TV is escape, or at least getting a look at how those different from you live, hopefully with a healthy dose of their misery. Springer is great, but does anyone believe you is showing a more real slice of America? We all hope so, because that would make our lifes seem so much better.

giddings said...

Unfortunately. I suspect their example does in fact resemble real life.

The Zero Boss said...

Why show a dumb dad? Because our culture values watching people make idiots of themselves. I don't think it's anything personal against clueless dads. They're unfortunately good TV fodder.