Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An Organic Thank You! to Cousin

I love it when the doorbell rings and it is a nice young man (or woman) bearing packages.

A long time ago, when deciding on a career path, I made the decision NOT to be the person whom your clients do NOT want to see or who are in a bad mood to have had to have called you at all.

For example,
The tow-truck guy.
The dentist (especially in an emergency).
The "family" lawyer.
The roofing contractor.
The emergency water-heater installer.
The principal (if you're six).
The doctor to review the results of your recent test.

As opposed to:
The florist deivery person.
The UPS guy!

Today this fine young chap delivered a lovely Christmas package from Cousin: organic vodka! (Their motto: "We are social and socially conscious").

This is a gal who understands parenting.

And health!

She's right. I do, in fact, "go organic" every chance I get (except wine). But I can't help wondering what Dooce would think of organic vodka.

See her posts (original and follow-up) on organic chicken broth.

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