Friday, February 23, 2007

Just Another Day at the Urban Toddler Community Center

Today Big and I went with Sidekick's Mom and her litte sister to a community center where on Fridays they open their gym to what seemed like all of the toddlers in the greater metro area.

It was a blast.

Balls everywhere, toddler cars, blocks, tantrums, raisin boxes and exhausted moms chasing about 50 kids around this entirely safe environment GALORE!

We got there a little late (my oldest kitty had to go in for a non-routine check up) and Sidekick's mom said she had been checking out a kid who she said "looks a lot like [Big]."

When, at one point he had made his way to where his so-called curly-haired cute girl look-alike (I didn't see it) was playing, I sidled up to her mom and told her that my friend had said that our kids look alike.

I smiled at that and went on chasing him around the room, kicking balls with him, rescuing him from random rocket cars, and one actual punch from a block-hoarding three-year-old.

Later, the gal came over and said to me:

You know how your friend said our kids looked alike? Well, um. . . She is a donor baby. . . . Is he?

Hum. . . . Something about me must have given it away. . . .

Anyway, we got into a great discussion about cryobanks and, no, they aren't step-siblings.

Turns out that a donor registry may not be necessary to make connections after all!

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