Sunday, April 29, 2007

Little Known Facts

LKF No. 1: BioMom and I bargain over who has to sneak into the kids' room and remove-then-replace the tooth-container, exchanging tooth for Sacagawea Dollar. I.e. become the Tooth Fairy.

LKF No. 2: I did it last time but she doesn't remember it that way. As Seven lost another tooth this week (her seventh total) I am not entirely looking forward to going in and trying to switch it out from under her pillow while going unnoticed. . . AGAIN.

LKF No. 3: We are actually borrowing a Sacagawea Dollar from her stash tonight because I am too lazy to go out to the car to get another.

LKF No. 4: Seven will never notice LKF No 3 (that is until she's old enough to read all the back logs of this blog. Twenty-Two? If you're reading this now, I owe you a dollar!).


Holly said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the thought of you taking a dollar from the stash to leave her.

BTW - I think the tooth fairy always left me a dime. Does the tooth fairy compensation rise with inflation? or were my parents just cheap?

giddings said...

Hi Holly!
Okay, you've given me a great research idea! The Tooth Fairy and Inflation -- ha!

I'd love to know what other people got from the tooth fairy and what they leave their kids.

I suspect inflation is at work (along with everything else we give our kids -- seen those outrageous birthday parties?) but it is strange that inflation would come into play at all. Seven spends money on only the rarest of occasions. As a result, it doesn't mean anything to her. She'd have been happy with a nickle! So even though the price of goods has risen at a regular rate since (ahem) the 1970s, it doesn't affect the goods that kids buy because they don't really buy goods with the tooth fairy money. (My quarter used to buy me a WHOLE hershey bar!).

Having said that, your parents were still, definitely, cheap.