Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Begin: establish, formulate, found, inaugurate, institute, originate, set up, start

Because potty training was so (ahem) challenging for all of us the first time around, we are simply not discouraging Big in his nascent interest in "the potty" and his more urgent interest in all-things-not-toddler (including booster seats in the car and not wearing diapers).

As I previously posted, once he acquired the word "PEW-OOP!", he let us know that he clearly has an awareness of from WHERE it comes and, recently, has been announcing pending BMs. Following his lead, I pulled out the old potty and the corresponding book that discusses what one does with the potty which we perused, delightfully, together.

Tonight, after taking a bath, we were playing trains and I was attempting to cajole him into his diaper and pajamas. At one point, I noticed that look in his eyes and asked him if he needed to go "PEW-OOP". He immediately got up and ran into the bathroom, me bumbling to my feet and racing behind. Once in the bathroom, he backed into the potty and I sat opposite him on our own, larger version for approximately 0.3 seconds after which he hopped up and then ran back into the playroom, looking back over his shoulder at me as if to say "Aren't you coming???"

Once back with the trains, Cousin called, and in the time it took to say "hello", Big had kneeled on the carpet and released his bowles. Let me clarify: released his bowles on the floor. I should have photographed for you all to see for yourselves. At least it was adult-like in form and substance (read: easy to pick up). This turd, sitting on the rug as it did, as if just asking for Big to absentmindedly turn his heel into it, may literally haunt me like those of the protagonist's Parkinson's-suffering dad, Alfred Lambert, in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections.

By the time I carefully wrapped it into the clean diaper that had been intended for him and toted it to the toilet, gave him an encouraging "high five" (keeping in mind the potty-training mantra to 'keep it positive'), and tried again to wheedle him into the diaper, he leaned over and peed all over the floor.

Wish us, and our house, luck.


Anonymous said...

So familiar. The Niblet does MUCH better with remembering to use the potty if I let her go commando. However, commando also increases the chance of accidents.

I am also taking the low road when it comes to potty training. She knows what it's for and I think she knows what it feels like when it's getting ready to happen. She just hasn't made up her mind that it's worth all the hassle yet.

giddings said...

I can't believe that I'm actually WRITING about his potential potty training, given our history. It is as though I am sending out a neon message to the Gods to jinx us. Having said that, and in reference to your message, about the Niblet's "accidents", I really wish I had taken a picture of this so called accident. Or at least discussed its eradication in the same vein as Bill Murray and his non-toxic space suit in Caddy Shack!

Anonymous said...

Potty training is not for the faint of heart, is it? My son was potty trained shortly after he turned 2. People always say girls are easier so I figured that our daughter would be a piece of cake. She is about to turn 2 1/2 and we are just emerging from the haze of potty training.

My thoughts are with you.

MaMaMia said...

Thanks for the chuckle!
Potty training can be such a huge process. I wish the time from interest to accomplished didn't have to be so long! Cooper is already "interested" in the potty. Can't get enough of being right there when Max is going. I can't imagine starting this process again so soon! Guess that's what you get for having them close together! ( and we're actually thinking of more!?!)

giddings said...

Thanks Vikki and Mamamia!
We're feeling pretty lucky that Big has shown interest at all. Seven, literally, never did. Even now, if pressed, I'm sure she'd say that she's not interested!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Not to deal with, but to read. Although I imagine almost everything Big does is adorable in one way or another. Good luck!