Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bridges, Birthdays and other Catastrophes. . .

For those friends and family with whom I have not yet connected tonight, we're all okay. Seven and BioMom were downtown all day today, but came home early and, because we live south of the city, never passed over the bridge that collapsed. We're fixated to the news and our communication devices, hoping that all of our loved ones are okay, and praying for everyone else.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Not one that is particularly significant. But it feels so in that it is literally the first birthday that I don't personally care about -- well not in terms of myself anyway. Maybe that feeling itself is a mark of growing older. . . Like enjoying nuts in your brownies and on ice cream or taking two days to mow the lawn.

A few weeks ago BioMom was badgering me for some gift ideas and I literally could think of nothing. Furthermore, in terms of birthday activities, I can't imagine a better day than spending it with Seven, Big, BioMom, Cousin and her kids (they're coming tomorrow!).

Seven overheard the conversation:

Seven (incredulously): How can you not want anything for your birthday!?!

Me: I dunno. I just can't think of anything that I need or want.

Me (to myself): How lucky am I???

Me (surrepticiously behind BioMom's back): What if I asked for that Hanna Montana CD that you've been wanting for my birthday?

She (incredulously): YOU WOULD DO THAT??

Me (to myself): Getting to be your kid's hero for your birthday? Priceless.


Robin said...

happy birthday anyway! robin

giddings said...

Thanks Robin!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad I figured out how to post so I could wish you Happy Birthday! Totally understand the no-gift thing - I feel the same way. Enjoy it! Michelle

Keri said...

Seriously - great point getter from the kid! I'll keep that in mind for next time.

Happy Birthday.

Polly said...

(a) I'm so very glad that you and yours are safe, and

(b) What a terribly dear anecdote. Which I will POACH for my own use at my next birthday, man!

giddings said...

Thanks Michell and Polly! Please poach away. I know I do from your stories almost daily!