Tuesday, September 25, 2007


BioMom and I have started a new 'date-night' tradition.

Because we're old and boring, we usually have no clue what movies are out. So, even if we look them up online to see what's playing, we may as well be reading Greek because the words and even the reviews mean little to our untrained eyes.

A week or so ago, our trusty sitter (1 of 4) had planned on coming over after the kids were asleep so that we could head out into the world as a couple. Pretending to be childless for a few joyful hours. It had been a long day and we had each had plenty of time alone, so we had decided to see if we could reschedule for a more needed date and time. Trusty sitter, however, has just started high school and, with that, a revitalization in her own social life. This meant that she was free that night only, for quite some time.

We jumped on it.

So, instead of reviewing possible movies online and planning it all out, we literally showed up at the local indy-movie palace and just saw what was there.

We have now done this twice and been thrilled at each movie.

The first, called Once, was just mentioned by Dooce. She agrees with our review. It has an added bonus of being filmed in Dublin so, those of you interested in seeing some great scenery, go now.

The second, called Eastern Promises was equally enticing.

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