Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mother-Of-Four on Drinking At the Kiddie Pool

MofF attempted unsuccessfully to comment on my post about drinking alone at the kiddie pool which I had felt was my bottom, the ultimate of pathetic. Not just drinking alone, but drinking alone at the kiddie pool. She pointed out that you can't know what everyone else is drinking there. . . She suspects one out of three have a little spike in their punch!

Ahhhh coping mechanisms.


Lady of the Lake said...

Best to watch your dangling participles and such - on first reading I interpreted my inability to click on the "post a comment" button as the ultimately pathetic thing - ouch! Thankfully it all became clear on second reading. Probably took two times to understand because there's a little something special in my drink!

giddings said...

I want something special in my drink... Right NOW!!!