Friday, February 20, 2009

Joining the Maddow Widowers' Support Group

So I recently joined LesbianDad's new support group for Widowers of partners lost to Rachel Maddow.

As I said in her comment section, on one recent Valentine's day, I found, upon retiring that evening, a little red card sitting underneath the remote control. Decorated with loving, flowery writing, it mentioned how our nights would, henceforth, be filled with humor and lightness.

Why? I queried my love.

Turn it on! She responded, barely able to hold back her delight.

I flicked on the television only to find a wolf in hot dyke's clothing (albeit unfortunately coiffed for prime-time).

I felt like a 1950's wife receiving a pink bowling ball for Valentine's day.

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Polly said...

I would be ROFL along with Tina-cious, but sadly, the bowling ball rolls too close to the truth for me.


SITC. (Sighing In The Chair.)

But I am thinking of some uplift activities for us at our next meeting. Just not macrame, or God's Eyes, or lanyards. Or cocktail mixery.