Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Waffle House Lesbian

So, my faux mother-in-law (there's no legal relationship going on around here) is hilarious.*

A couple of years ago we visited them during their month-long sojourn to the warm-land in January.

Having done my graduate studies on the east coast, I talked everyone into reliving some of my glory days by heading over to the Waffle House for breakfast.

Let's just say that the food was certainly not what I remembered or had my tastes simply grown with the slight increase in wealth (let's just say that I earn more than my graduate stipend which was then $8,500)?

But the service? That's where this story takes off.

We were being served by a waiter that BioMom and I immediately recognized as one of ours but whom the faux Father-in-law referred to as "Sir" as in "Sir, can I get a refill on this orange juice?"

She didn't flinch. But Eight (then Six or Seven) looked over at grandpa sharply as in "can't you tell that that's a woman? A woman like my Baba?? Are you an idiot?"

We so enjoyed ourselves that BioMom unknowingly left the restaurant with a souvenir mug in her quite accompanying purse.**

So today BioMom spent some time with her parents upon their return from the '09 visit to the land-of-warm only to return with a legitimate, paid-for substitute that I, and I told her so in my appreciative acknowledgment, value less.

*No, this is not a brown-nosing entry. She doesn't know this blog exists, although I do expect she'd pass an exam question such as the following: "What is a URL?" That is to say that it is not that she is computer-illiterate that she is unawares of the goings-on in this corner of the blogsphere.

**This blog author does not support or condone illegal behavior in any way. Do not try this at home.


Dustin Giddings said...

this would be on of my favourite places to eat! when we went on one spring break, that is where we ate all the time. i ended up loosing my wallet on the last day and the waitress gave me a few of her tips for my ride home. i hope that as my 'wealth' increases, my appreciation doesnt decrease! mmm waffle hous

giddings said...

Okay, it's not as though I didn't ENJOY the food... Just that the waffles were a little to thin for my liking!!! Not like yo-mama's waffles! And I mean that literally!

Jenn said...

Oh my oh my. You are too funny! Having traveled in the south, I also understand the fascination with Waffle House, but have been a bit disappointed by the food at times too. Great mug. I have a similarly procured cream pitcher from a fancy tea place in Paris. I don't feel good about it, but it makes for a great story. Keep up your blog. Love the title! Hope to see you around.

Jenn (from ECFE)

Liz said...

Stack 'em High! Who can forget how you put syrup in each little square one square at a time???