Saturday, March 14, 2009

39 Months and 5 days: Touching the Butt

I am finally getting around to reading my borrowed copy of Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy that I got about a month ago from Catherine.

From the prologue, I can tell you I'm already fearing three-and-a-half, but for now, Big is true to the description:

"Three now enjoys other children, but most of all he enjoys his [Baba]. He loves to do things with her--go for a walk, go to the store, 'help' with housework, and, above all, play. He is happiest when his [Baba] finds it possible to give up other activities and concentrate on him. Almost anything the two of you do together bring him joy. It is bliss to have [Baba] read to him, play games with him, talk to him, just be near him."

Can I freeze time?

Even as I read this, not focusing on him, but stealing time to blog, he is near me playing well enough alone, but asking for my help. In a few minutes he'll be by my side, a small foot digging into my leg, wanting to be touching. If the leg is not enough, he'll roll his whole body into mine and rub his face on my face.

It is like new love and spring and hot baked bread out of the oven all wrapped up together.

At night, when I'm walking out of his room after the bedtime routine, we have a little game that prolongs our time together:

Me: I love you!

He: I love you too!

Me: I love you more!

He: I love you most!

Me: I love you more than most!

And we giggle and have to practically start the process over.

The up-and-downside of our incredibly active and curious little Three is one of the most constant features of his personality: He touches the Butt.

If you aren't familiar with this line, check out this long but incredible clip from Finding Nemo (the relevant portion is in the last 5 seconds of this clip). Nemo swims out over the "drop off" to a boat with his father threatening him with all he can to come back and, finally, to not touch the boat. Nemo defies him by flicking a single finn on the boat.

His friend gasps: HE TOUCHED THE BUTT!!

Big invariably touches the butt.

We'll threaten. We'll time out. We'll ignore.

He still touches the butt.

Ignoring is the worst because he then has to bring it to our attention:

He: I'm touching the BUUUU-UHHH-TTT!

Also true to Your Three Year Old is his fascination with words. "Not only is he secure physically and happy socially and calm emotionally, but language now means a great deal to him. He LOVES new words--new words, big words, different words."

Today he asked what "naked" meant (his sister had on the television and there was a commercial for the Naked Brother's Band).

His response to the definition: But, they're wearing clothes???

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Jenn said...

Ahhh... the life of a mother of a three year old. My Gus is a short two months from 4. What next challenge will present itself? Cute story about touching the butt.