Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girl-On-Girl GOP Catfight!


Check out this great synopsis and analysis By Dahlia Lithwick of the McCain, Coulter, Ingraham drama that has been replayed over and over on every media outlet possible.

A couple of choice quotes for your perusal:

Ever wonder why some men think women are less than serious political thinkers? It certainly helps explain why so many men continue to believe that when it comes to "political discourse," women are all long, sprawling legs and silky blond hair in a tangle on the dessert cart. It's one thing to air your dirty laundry. But are we really stupid enough to be having a front-page battle over a plus-size thong?


McCain's problem isn't her weight, or her views, or even the fact that she doesn't know a lot. It's that she suddenly holds a rather enormous megaphone without understanding that the person most likely to be smacked on the head with it is herself.

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