Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Goes In Must Come Out

I got this message from our future preschool teacher in response to an inquiry I sent regarding the status of our son's ability to go No. 1 in a particular place: the potty.

(And by "future", I mean, approximately five weeks).

Potty training. My suggestion is maybe not something you want to try but I feel it's effective. Schedule a week when you don't have to leave the house much and just take away the diaper (he wears it at nap time and night). give him lots of liquids and let him see/feel how it goes - use a sticker or incentive chart, give him lots of strokes, etc. I'll bet you have success. We don't have a diapering license and strongly request that the kids don't come in a diaper - and especially not a pull-up. We do work with the children, take them into the bathroom a lot and give them strokes, have them watch the other children, etc. Give me some feed back on this suggestion - is he resistant to the toilet?

Now, to my so-called life.


Chris said...

I laughed so hard.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

yay! congrats!