Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turning Over Stones

Warning: contemplative post ahead.

This past year I have been consciously and unconsciously turning over all of the stones in my life, checking for worms and other undergrowth, tending the fields, airing out the past, inviting the future.

At one point I even, literally, moved about 3000 pounds of rocks into my yard to serve as garden borders.

This is clearly serious.

Now, post the stone-turning phase, but still in the dusting-off stage, the anticipated future not yet here, I am contemplating the purpose of it all. All this stone-turning.

Did it make my life better, after all?

Will the loss(es) be worth the unknown gain(s)?

But there is something peaceful here in this field of overturned stones. At least I know, now, what is underneath them. I don't have to pretend that there weren't worms. I can choose to clean them off if I want, or leave them, wormy.

I am in the middle of The Power of Now at the moment.

I'm not that into self-help books, and I'm not sure this book even falls into that category, but it certainly offers some concrete suggestions for letting go of the past and future and focusing on the here and now. I've had a bit of a head-start in that category after some of the things that have happened in my life -- realizing how important NOW is, but it is always good to be reminded.

Not that two kids in the house doesn't remind you that NOW is the most important time.

He: I've got to PEE.... NOW!!

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Mwa said...

From another person who's always looking under the stone: I think it does and will make your life better. Especially if it teaches you too live in the now more.