Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Big Armstrong

So Cousin's son passed his little bike on to Big earlier this summer.

It had been sitting around our back yard with flat tires for quite some time when Big showed a little interest and I took a little initiative to see whether my bike pump was shot or whether the tires were shot so we headed up to our darling little local bike shop near the park where they promptly blew up the tires.

I showed the shiny new bike to Big with the fixed tires.

Big: Am I old enough to ride that?

Me: Sure!

So he, literally, got on it and started riding.

And hasn't stopped since!

I was so unprepared for this turn of events that I didn't even have my camera. These are Day Two photos!

And at national night out, a special occasion to ride in the street!


Brigindo said... training wheels? That boy is incredible. I really don't want to say just how long it too Angel to learn to ride a two-wheeler.

giddings said...

Yes! We were (and still are) shocked too! Nine was seven!?!