Monday, September 28, 2009

Time Flies

It's the fourth week of the semester already.

That's what I love and hate about the fall. September is always the month to love and hate: back to school. Then you blink and it is Halloween. BioMom and I just ran down the October calendar and it is all bar crawls, high school reunions, football games, niece's plays, and Halloween parties.

And then POOF, it'll be Thanksgiving and then another POOF and I'll be knee-deep in finals.

Big is finally warming up to school, although he continues to protest each-and-every morning. We're just thankful to our neighbor's tom-boy whom he adores and is actually willing to get into the car with in the morning without holding hands and feet out so that one cannot even fold his body into his carseat.

Although today he asked in a panic "WHERE IS [Sidekick's Sister] going??? Where am I going with [Sidekick's Sister]????????!!!!???"

I went do a little new-parent Montessori overview last week and learned that they love him there.

Him? My [Big]?

Yes! He is WONDERFUL. He has a really warm and compassionate heart.

[Big]? You know my son is [Big], right?

Yes! He is so talkative! You must talk with him all the time!

This I knew. He talks non-stop.

But the hitting. . . Does he hit here? Is he, um, aggressive at all?

[Big]? No! Never. He is wonderful.

Meanwhile, I am experiencing my first semester in 3 and 1/2 years in which I have two entire days in which to actually work.

I'm teaching tomorrow and not only are the lectures prepped, but I've graded the problem set that was turned in on Thursday, entered the grades, AND started learning about TWO new potential research topics.

WTF? I have a professional self?

Okay off for now. I'm listening to Big and Sidekick's Sister playing in the living room. I think I'll always miss that one-year-old Big, but (whew) it is nice to be relieved of the serious life-or-death parenting.

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