Friday, October 02, 2009

Interesting Graph

Here is an interesting graph about support for gay marriage by age and state via Taggert over at A Random Walk.
The age relationship is obvious, particularly to those of us who interact with the (ahem) younger crowd (as in: You're gay? So what?) but I'd like to see how the authors ordered the states. Obviously it moves from liberal to conservative at some level, but by what measure?


Anonymous said...

Yes, interesting indeed. The states seem to be ordered by the total support (although it is not clear how that is calculated). Its surprising how the states rank. I would never guess that Colorado would have more support for same-sex marriage than Minnesota or Illinois. Arizona also blows me away. Anyway, thanks for posting! MM

Mwa said...

I'm surprised at how low the support is. I'm sure it would be a bit higher in Belgium. However, there seems to be some kind of lowering of support in our adolescents here, which is worrying.

Amie Klempnauer Miller said...

The needle is moving. According to blogger Nate Silver at, support for same-sex marriage (or at least unwillingness to vote against opposing legislation) is all about the year of the vote combined with the religiosity of the voters and the percentage of evangelicals in the state. Eventually, though, time holds the trump card.