Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Start of Summer: Officially

So yesterday Nine finished her fourth grade year, and the day before, Big finished his first year of preschool.

We are officially in summer mode.

Its funny about transitions. I think we all stress about them until the moment they happen, somehow. Now, suddenly, I am happy that they are home and we have time and we have the chance to spend some down-time together. That we can afford to have one parent at home with them so that no schedule needs to be adhered to.

Big and I spent the day together yesterday and it felt a little like pre-preschool where we spent most days together. It was really only the morning, because we picked up Nine at noon, but so nice to slow down together.

We're enjoing some bagels this morning and coffee and a little video that we found yesterday at the library. It is cloudy and cool. We have nowhere to be.

I think we're ready for Ireland. I've taken ALL of your suggestions: workbooks, suckers, no dvd player but dvd's in case we can ever find one or someone's computer on which to play them. Snacks -- nuts, dried fruit, ovaltine (!). And lots of talk about what to expect.

I didn't mention that we're flying with my relatively high maintenance brother. Any suggestions for him?

I'm hoping to blog a bit during our trip, to keep a record, but I may have to post it all upon our return, pictures and all.

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Mwa said...

For the brother: drugs. Actually, for the kids you could take some as a backup.