Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Christmas Pledge

We got this pledge from our uber-liberal catholic church (which, by the way, is currently undergoing an audit by our archdioses and will probably get run out of town).

The Pledge
1. I will examine my motives for celebrating Christmas.
2. I will not spend money to impress others.
3. I will avoid doing anything to oblige others to spend on me.
4. I will not engage in excess of eating, drinking, partying or anything that will reduce the freedom of myself or others.
5. I will give gifts and do activities only if they enhance life-for myself and others.
6. I will avoid gifts that are gadgets, made by complicated, energy-consuming processes that excessively pollute the environment.
7. I will choose gifts that rely on the involvement, energy and ingenuity of the recipient.
8. I will avoid buying items made by exploited workers whose land and labor are sacrificed to tempt my consumer appetites.
9. I will question the source of consumer goods before I buy.
10. I will celebrate Christmas by sharing of myself more than of my property.
11. I will give gifts of service which involve my time, my work, my spoken and written word, my art, my song, my presence-and other things that are not objects-whenever possible.
12. I will use some of my time to visit family, friends and those who have less, hurt more or who have been forgotten.
13. I will choose gifts that involve me and/or the recipient their creation and use.


Cousin said...

Does this mean I CAN'T ask Santa Mitchie for an IPOD?

giddings said...

I am MUCH WORSE than that. Whoa that church is good for making one feel guilty. Let's just say that the gift I got BioMom for Itsy could theoretically have caused MUCH more damage to the "worker" than sacrifice to their land and labor. I did inquire as to the source of these "gifts" and whether or not their production involved exploitation, but the nature of the industry is such that there is a large incentive to lie about such practices.

Boy, I feel guilty now.