Monday, November 21, 2005

Discrete Changes In One's Lifetime

To the extent that we experience discrete moments in our life that result in changes (large and small) this is one of those for me:

[Blogauthor's first name],

Congratulations. The PRT committee just met and voted unanimously for renewal, which in this case means tenure. I am required to notify you within 7 days of our vote so I have attached the notification letter. The letter that goes to the dean is not due until December 9. You will get a copy of that letter when it is transmitted to the dean.

[PRT Committee Chair]


Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a big year for you!

rachel said...

wow -- tenure and a new kid! what a wonderful time. rachel

HS Friend said...

That's FABULOUS! What a nice early Christmas present! You deserve it for all your hard work.

Nicole said...

Congratulations! Yeah! Now you deserve to take a couple months off and get sleep-deprived! :) Really, great job.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to change my vote? I just realized your a late second wave feminist marxist, and I really need to protect the good old boys club.

Congrats. I look forward to many years of arguing with that you have been given the same life sentence.