Friday, March 17, 2006

I Have To Admit, It's Gettin' Better! It's Gettin' Better All the Time

Thank God for adreneline.

The below images are probability distributions of sleep for ZeYo for a) 0-1 month, b) the first month, c) the second month and d) the third month.

The interpretation is this: black = probability of 1 that he is asleep and white = probability of 1 that he is awake.

Here is the description from the (genius) programmer:

The number of gray scale values depends on the number of days in your chart. If you have two days in your chart, then there will be three colors: black, 50% gray and white. The reason is that the different possibilities for being asleep at a given time for the two days would be:
2/2 (100% - asleep both days at a given time),
1/2 (50% - asleep one day, not the other at a given time) and
0/2 (0% - asleep neither day at a given time).

The more days in your sample, the more possible gray scale values. So if you have a months worth of data (31 days max), there will be 32 shades of gray:
(0/31 through 31/31). This would be approximately 0% black, 3% black, 6% black, 10% black, etc...

It's no wonder new parents are exhausted.

To get this data, I participate in the beta version of some very fun software that I recommend to new parents. Check out Trixie Tracker which just launched last week!

I found the "telemetries" as they are called, to be invaluable, especially in the first month. We were able to keep track of inputs and outputs, sleep, medicine, nursing, etc. At this point, we have devolved down to basically just sleep. During the second month you'll notice that I have less data. I made the terrible, self-esteem crushing choice to go on the job market this year and that was during the time of the on-campus interview. (I'll blog about that when the experience becomes more of a distant memory). I got caught up in the drama of it all and had no energy left over to document ZeYo's details.

You can see over the course of the months, however, that he's getting on Central Standard Time and abandoning the ranks of the living dead and . . . So are we!

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benmac said...

I've seen a ton of samples, but I'm still amazed at how random the first month of life is. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the improving sleep schedule :)