Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Introducing... The Six Year Old!


thistles said...

Wait a second, didn't she JUST turn five? She can't be six already. And that cake looks way yummy by the way.

Nicole and Alyson said...

wow, time sure does fly. did she have a wonderful birthday? please let her know we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

giddings said...

Thanks Y'all!
She had a great birthday. Last night she got to choose where we went out to dinner (with grandma, grandpa and MRM#1 & MRM#2). She, as expected, chose McDonalds which BioMom and I absolutely refuse to go to with her ANY other time.

So we get there and are eating and she says "See!!! Isn't it GREAT?" As if a) we had never been there before and as if b) TASTE was the issue.

For those of you who don't know us, BioMom and I are regularly attempting to shed extra pounds and attempting to redirect the SYO's (!) food desires toward the more (ahem) healthy range.

We tried to tell her that we KNOW it tastes yummy. It is just that it is not HEALTHY for her.

I can't wait until she is mature enough to see and comprehend SuperSize Me!