Monday, March 06, 2006

JPOD: Three Months


kiles1670 said...

He is very beautiful, you are all so lucky :-)

Sarah and BB said...

What a handsome little guy!!

Really, he is just getting so big, so fast!!

Anonymous said...

what color are his eyes? it's hard to tell in the pictures, but they look so dark! what's he doing now? has he rolled over yet?

giddings said...

His eyes are this beautiful dark blue. Well, at least so far. We know, genetically speaking, that they will stay blue, but we don't know how dark they'll be!

He hasn't rolled over yet, but does enjoy his tummy time. He's starting to scootch a bit with his little legs, and he definitely can hold his head up.

He is also all smiles and what a lovely little smile he has! Interestingly, according to BioMom, the FYO's smile was mutch more coquettish even at that age!