Friday, July 14, 2006

Academic Freedom?

If we were in person, I'd tell you this story, and put the Academic Freedom part in, what Dane Cook calls "rock star quotes".

I swiped the link from Dooce's husband, but it's good. . . Well, interesting. . . No, scary. . . No, telling. . . in any case:

BYU professor looses job for disagreeing with the Mormon Church's recent gay marriage amendment.

What should we call that, instead of getting "Dooced" (neologism: to be "dooced" is to lose your job as a result of something you wrote in an online journal)?

Maybe he got "Goosed"? (Substitute G from Gay for the D in Dooced).

We're still here in Red-State-ville.

It has been absolutely lovely. Big has been a trooper, sleeping like he's never slept in his life. I think it's the big-sky fresh air, the plethora of crazy kids, and the non-stop playing we've been doing.

Today, there was a moment when all four kids currently en-residence were simultaneously asleep!


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