Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There Is No Place Like Nebraska


Anonymous said...

Now I want to see more childhood photos of you, StepMom! I can't believe you actually ran away with the birdbath under cover of night! But now I can't wait to see it. I have fond memories of the birdbath in my grandmother's back yard. Mine shiney new one doesn't measure up. Sounds as though y'all are having a great summer, and that you are loving being a stay at home MomDad.

Susan C.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If you are still in Nebraska and looking for someplace else to eat -- try M's Pub (interesting pub food) in the Old Market and/or The Oven (Indian) in Lincoln's Haymarket.

giddings said...

Inside Philosophy: did I mention these are my old digs? Those are my favorites too! Are you in Omaha? We frequented Goodrich, as well. I used to feign carsickness so my Dad would pull over and get us malts!