Monday, July 03, 2006

King of Destruction

So, we are seeing some glimpses into the future of Big's personality.

The other morning, with the SYO at grandma's on an over night (did I mention how cool my MIL is?) BioMom and I listened to Big chatter away in his crib.

He was doing great and we were just enjoying our slow wake-up.

When we went into their room, this is what we saw:

The mobile that you see in pieces around him was from Cousin. . . Intact.

So much for having a products liability lawyer for a mom. . . I'm sure that one of those labels reads:



Polly said...

Okay, I know the cause for concern was the mobile in tatters. But daggone his leg is big (it is his name, after all), and isn't it wedged for good in the crib? I mean, how does he get it in and out of there? Or is he still like that even now, and you are feeding him and diapering him in situ?

giddings said...

We had to bring in the chainsaw to pry him out!

Seriously though, when we put him down we take turns doing the leg-caught-in-crib watch. He offers a distinct, well, sound. . . when that happens!