Friday, September 08, 2006

Irregular Newsletter No. 3: 9 Months

Dear Mr. Continues-To-Be-Big:

I read on some other blog somewhere that the nine month point is that where the amount of time you've spent outside of the womb now approximates the amount of time you spent in the womb.

What an accomplishment!

It is unbelievable to consider the change that humans make over the course of those 18 months.

Since the last irregular newsletter, posted at nearly eight months of age, you have perfected the technicalities of crawling and have improved your speed dramatically. Furthermore, you seem completely unsatisfied with this skill. Not long after you began crawling, you started pulling yourself up on anything that appeared above you; stable or not.

This has lead to a series of heartbreaks on all of our parts as you have clumsily fallen your way to several fat lips and short-lived shiners.

No new teeth to report, but we're starting to see glimpses of actual communication: you now seem to "clap"! I put this in parentheses because it is a small, close-fisted clap-like motion, but you seem to do it when you are excited, happy, or in response to music or singing.

It is daring. Your whole body gets into it and your eyes light up behind a big smile.

You absolutely LOVE pineapple.

And cheeze.

Oh, and Pirate's Booty. That too. (I'm a bad mom).

We're hoping you don't begin to really walk this month.



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