Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This Just In: Academecians Suck

So, I'm at my new job.

Since, about 5 minutes ago.

Yes. You're understanding the profundity of this moment correctly. Mof4 came over to look after Big and once I saw that they were getting on quite well (read: immediately) I left (sort of in tears, despite the fact that she brought me chocolate and beer -- I'm ignoring the healthy apple that was also in the package).

So yeah, I gave myself a lot of wiggle room. Class starts in 20 minutes and I also had to make copies and fill out your usual HR forms or "they wouldn't let me work" (believe me, I was tempted. After taxes, I think I'll be able to afford my YMCA membership PLUS a latte from Starbucks).

Anyway, I'm in some dude's gorgeous corner office, looking over the white quad of this top-10 liberal arts college.

The chair stepped in "to see who was in Vasant's office" and, once eyeballing me, turned on his heel and left.

I literally had to go across the office and knock on his door and make some chit chat with him!?!

Not a good sign.

Plus, even more evidence for BioMom who thinks that none of us have any social skills.

He says to me: We didn't know if you were going to show up!

I'm all (in my head): Don't tempt me. (out of my head): I was here last week to find a ghost town!

More updates to come on: the students, how me (a bull-in-a-china shop) will navigate the new office environs, and how I live for 15 hours a week without Big.

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