Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's Past is Prologue

Our Six is constantly pretending to be a teacher. I suspect that she spends nearly 97% of her life in the state of make-believe.

The other day, BioMom and I were snooping a bit downstairs in the "classroom" area (an area of the basement that we have literally turned into a classroom, blackboard, desks and all). We found her "day planner" (sent by Cousin, a teacher herself). Inside, Six had written down the daily activities and names of different characters (presumably her students) in different categories (such as, "needs special help" or something).

Under one category she had written the name "Hillary Clinton."

Apparently, my excitment about her announcement to run for president has filtered into Six's brain.

We were in the car when I heard about the announcement on MPR. The fact that Hillary will be the first woman to run for that position in the United States didn't phase Six when I explained to her about this historical precedence.

Instead she questioned, accusingly: How do you know about things that happened before you were born?

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