Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) calls here regularly asking for BioMom and, I suspect, some of her cash. As she works at the office quite a bit more than do I, I am ususally the person answering the phone and she is rarely here for me to pass it on to her.

Today, for the second time, I pointed out the irony to the caller that he again refuses to talk to me despite the fact that I am her partner, am home, am ready and willing to talk on the phone to the HRC people, that she will probably never be around during calling hours and even if she is will probably be unwilling to chat on the phone about HRC business, and finally that we share the checkbook and therefore the membership, regardless of what it says on the call sheet.

You'd think an organization purporting to be promoting the rights of GLBT-etc. people would get this.


Keri said...

Just happened upon your blog.

This is odd. I think your membership is enough to allow a direct conversation with someone who will listen.

HRC knows better.

giddings said...

I think that possibly HRC has hired some independent contractors to do their fundraising calls. Otherwise, it is ridiculous. At the minimum, they should have asked if I was willing to join up individually etc. I think they've lost my individual membership when I moved from Virginia. Alas for them.