Monday, May 21, 2007

Vehicle Day

First, I'm posting a few pictures from "Vehicle Day" where Big got to explore the insides of some fire engines, a city bus, a police car and a 'Simon Delivers' truck (?).

We took our first trip down the "car aisle" at Target the other day. Prior to this, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that there were equivalently hideous boy-toys out there, so enamored was I with all of the boy paraphernalia that comes with having a kid of that particular sex. I had romanticized it all. Trucks, balls, guys etc., all active and, in my mind, somehow related to things that we do in the world. This was in contrast to the disembodied Barbie head for hair-brushing and makover practicing (???) we received from one here unnamed Godfather to Seven.

But there are, to my horror, tripped out cars that make loud, annoying noises when pushed, accompanied by their own hard-rock sound track. (To get a sample, just follow the link below and don't forget to turn the sound down on your computer).

Big was in heaven.

He got his first pack of Hot Wheels trucks after attending one of Seven's soccer games last week and pining over another kid's set which, incidently, kept them both busy for the entire game.

While playing with him, I would make the noise of the 'rescue vehicles'; the fire engine's telling "WEEE-OOOO-WEEE-OOO-WEEE-OOO!" So enraptured was he, that he began to imitate me, but a clumsy backwards: "OOO-WEEE-OOOO-WEEE-OOO-WEEE!" that has now become our family's audible moniker for all fire engines.

Second, I found a great blog for all you teachers and professors out there. Check this out!

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