Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fast Neat Average

The other night we had the first meeting of the USAFA Gay Alumni Association.

It felt historic.

Although I am not officially an aluni from that esteemed but vitriolic institution (see this post for an explanation), and although I've become a pacifist since my youthful decision to attend the Academy (I wanted to go to college somewhere that was free like so many people who choose the military for economic reasons) I felt like it was important to get involved and be a resource for current and future cadets.

There were people on the conference call from the class of '72 up to the class of '01 and everywhere in-between, across the globe.

I heard today on the Stephanie Miller show that nearly 70% of Americans feel that the ban on GLBT individuals in the military should be dropped.

Now only the republicans need to catch up.

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