Monday, June 25, 2007

Skirting Society?: The Name Game Continues

So, overnight it seems, Big's lanugage (receptive at least) has blossomed. After months and months of reading the same books, and pointing to the same pictures and identifying the pictures and colors, he seems to be actually getting it.

BioMom, pointing to the "red" page, and pointing to the raspberries: Where are the raspberries?

Instead of his usual blank look, or insistence on turning the page, he reaches out his little finger and actually points to the raspberries.

This literally happened over night. He went from not being able to identify anything, to identifying everything. Everything in that little book, obscure parts of other books (where are the pilots?) to all of his body parts.


During one ID session, BioMom asked: Where's Mama?

I wasn't in the room and, according to her, he looked around and couldn't find me and didn't point to her.

We're still trying to go with the "Baba" for me and "Mama" for her thing, but Seven has not really adopted the "Baba" moniker, so all big hears her call me is various forms of "Mama" (usually followed by a "will you" to the extent that I am sure he'd call me "Mama will you" if we didn't play our little ID games.

He and I often read this book about airplanes. One picture shows a jet with people lining the windows. I always ask him who the people in the windows are:

Where's grandma? (he points to someone -- 'grandma' changes every time we read the book)

Where's grandpa? etc.

Once I asked Where's Mama? As she was sitting next to us, he just pointed to her.

And then: Where's Baba?

He smiled and turned his eyes up to me as if to say, Don't you know where YOU are?

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