Thursday, January 03, 2008

Like Iowa, Big's Caucus Results are In

December 2006

December 2007

Our son seems to have a particular political leaning. Or, maybe he's just learning how to ask for what he wants more effectively.

These past two weeks have been lovely. BioMom has been off of work, we've spent time with her family and mine (my newly betrothed nephew and his fiance came up and spent a few days with us) and we got away to our usual northern new year's getaway, this time taking Fourth-of-Four (Seven's contemporary) with us as well!

Big seemed to really enjoy the time with both BioMom and I home. So much so, that when he was wanting or needing something for one of us, he would contract our separate monikers (Mama and Baba), certain that at least one (or even both) of us would respond.

Sometimes this was prefaced with an "Oh", so, altogether it sounded like:

"Oh BaMa! . . . BaMa! . . . BaMa!"


Anonymous said...

How awesome is it that Big has his own skis??!!

giddings said...

Pretty awesome!... You know, he's at that stage where a) he was just too big to fit in my backpack and allow me to actually ski and b) he has to do things for himself, so we figured we'd get him a little pair of "fun skis" so that he could try it. He was uninterested in the skis and skiing generally (i.e. on my home-made backyard trails in-between swings on the swingset) until he saw the girls put them on and take off, and especially after he saw a skate skier beautifully glide by. Testosterone is so predictable.