Monday, January 14, 2008

Misogyny Abounds

I'm starting to think that I might vote for Hillary IN SPITE of Hillary.

J.H.C. I'm sick of the way that people are treating her. Oh, and have I mentioned my little crush on Echidne of the Snakes? In addition to having a lovely sharp political wit, she's also an economist. Yum.

Anyway, check out her post on recent shenanigans in the New York Times op-ed pages and the Washington Post's cartoon-central.

I've got one word for them both: Yuck.

She got the cartoon from The Reclusive Leftist (whom I've just discovered!) who also posts the following interesting quote, as well as this commentary from The Seattle Times.

Women have no idea how much men hate them, said Germaine Greer. You have to raise your head above the parapet to find out, or let some other woman raise her head. And then you see. Then you really see.

Oh, and here's the email address of the ombudsman at the Washington Post:


Anonymous said...

You should vote for Hillary; every woman should. Really, regardless of whether or not you like her, having her in the White House would be such a huge statement. And when's the next time a viable woman candidate is going to come along?

giddings said...

Yes... I do get the point. And who knows, maybe the next viable candidate will be a Pub. Gross.