Monday, November 16, 2009


So, the other day, Cousin and I were hanging out and listening to 89.3, The Current.

For those of you not in our listening area, I encourage you to tune in to this gem online. The music is just great. A nice mix of old and new, encouraging you, subtly, to listen to stuff that is out of your comfort range.

I was spacing out when Cousin noted the song they were playing (2541) by reminding me that the band (Husker Du) was local to Minneapolis and that the two lead singers, Grant Hart and Bob Mould, were openly gay, and that the song must be referring to some Minneapolis address, and where was it?

We both became a bit obsessed with both its location and the history of the band. I drove up and down the streets near The Wedge looking for twenty-five-forty-one's.

There are at least three in the near-Uptown area.

Only one that I saw was a rental.

Neither Hart nor Mould admit that they were ever together, but the song is romantic and naive and haunting and both happy and sad and it insinuates that they did not part amicably. An online biography claims that "Hart and Mould were also developing a debilitating rivalry. At the end of 1987, the group imploded; according to different sources, Hart either quit or was fired because of his heroin addiction."

Interestingly, a little Cousin-history fits in well here. Their last show was in Kansas City and they were scheduled to play in Omaha the next night. They broke up and, POOF! no show.

Cousin had tickets.

I was SO not as much of a rock star as her in high school.

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