Monday, November 09, 2009

Cousin's Mom as Guest Blogger

Your Mom and Aunt Betty read those Little House books aloud to their kids. Did you know that? It may even have been before [your sister] was born. My Mom used to buy the books - one for each - and they'd trade them around between the two of them. I never read any of them. I think [two of Cousin's brothers] glommed on to them through school or maybe the library and read them on their own.

I guess genes must be awfully strong. There are so many times in your blog it reminds me of your Mother. She had a very strong interest in plants, trees, flowers, etc like you do. She knew every bird's song when she'd hear it and could imitate a lot of them, so they'd whistle back and forth and have a conversation.

She and Betty did a lot together with their kids - a lot like you and [Cousin] are doing. How lucky can you get?!?

I loved your thoughts about winter. Even here in Nebraska, I have feelings like that in November and then it's never as bad as I thought it would be.

Love you lots,

Cousin's Mom

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