Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Becoming a Free Range Kid: Part II - so much for encouraging free-range-ness

So I just got this email:

"Fw: Attention Windom Residents-Attempted Kidnapping of 11 Year Old Female

On Monday, April 12, an attempted kidnapping occurred near 56 St W/Grand Av S at approximately 6:30 p.m. An eleven year old female was walking home from school when a black pick-up truck pulled up next to her and the driver yelled at her to come over to the truck. The driver's side window was rolled down adn the driver's side door was already partially open. The suspect then attempted to grab her arm and tried to pull her into the truck. The victim screamed and began punching and scratching the suspect. She was able to get free and ran home..."


tcs3600 said...

That is scary! Fortunately, the girl was prepared, did exactly the right thing and is fine. Well done to her and her parents. And the cops now have a description of the truck and the person.

OK, that's my sensible-shoes spiel. If that had just happened in my neighborhood, I would probably want to go wrap my kids in bubble wrap and put them in the safe room for a few weeks...

tcs3600 said...

and, um, probably needless to say, I hadn't read your Part III before posting this comment. Wow.