Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Minnesota Stories

Cousin, with her new video ipod, introduced me to one great podcast (which, incidently, you don't need a video ipod to view, Cousin!), it is called "Minnesota Stories: Minnesota slices of life, every weekday"

You can download it for free through itunes, or go to

So far, it rocks.

One of the most recent podcasts was the Iraq Candlelight Service at one particularly crazy liberal catholic church in Minneapolis (not our church, incidently, which should give us great hope, that there are, in fact many crazy liberal catholic churches here).

As I write, I am watching "Christmas Cheer 01-01" which is a strange video of a couple of guys destroying a bunch of electronics to some hard rock.

Most of them are better than that one.

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Cousin said...

but it is MUCH cooler to watch on The Pod...